How Often Should You Get Your Home Treated for Pests?

Getting rid of pests can be quite challenging for residents of Sydney. Nevertheless, with regards to pest control, timely and regular treatments are essential. There is no definite rule for determining the frequency of pest control within your home. And since best prevention cannot be a one-time affair, regular pest treatments are an ideal way to go. Pest control done twice a month can help in getting rid of bugs like cockroaches, spiders, wasps, crickets, ants, and many more. Furthermore, the size of your home, location, climatic conditions, type of pest infestation, along with various other factors, can have an impact on the frequency of treatment.

Factors that Influence the Frequency of Pest Control:

Types of Pests: The majority of Sydney residents commonly assume that a one-time treatment would be enough to curb the problem of pests. But, in reality, this is not the case. Pests can lay eggs that won’t be affected by the treatment. So, when the eggs hatch, you’ll face the same old pest problem. This is particularly one of the primary reasons for getting a second treatment or more if required.

While it makes sense to get pest control treatment done on a bi-monthly basis, you can sometimes even wait for 3-4 months, six months, or even a year to disinfect. This, again, would be dependent on the type of pests. For example, spiders and ants are easy to spot, spread, and eliminate. This means you can do pest control on them after 3-4 months. On the other side, pests like bed bugs and termites need special treatments since they are resilient to many chemicals and would need weekly, if not regular treatments.

The Magnitude of Infestation: Usually, in case you start observing any sign of pest infestation, the chances are that it would already have been spread at a massive level. The severity or the magnitude of the outbreak plays a vital role in determining the frequency of pest control. You might require more regular treatments (bi-monthly) in case your home is already infested than if it is free from pests and you are getting pest control done for preventive purposes.

It is essential to bear in mind that the majority of pests infest your property in large numbers. To handle infestations of that scale, it is crucial to follow a bi-monthly pest control regime. This will also be helpful in managing any recurrence. Also, it is a wise practice to thoroughly clean your home every month.

The Location: The location of your home plays a significant role in determining the frequency of pest control treatment. For instance, if your home is in an area that is prone to termites, you would want a bi-monthly treatment to make sure your home is free from termites at all times. Furthermore, if your residence is in an area that has a colder climate, you may need to arrange monthly treatments to keep rodents away that are trying to stay warm.

On the other hand, if your home is situated in a warm and humid area, you may see pests creeping through your home throughout the year. This makes it all the more important to carry out even more regular treatment. The same is applicable if you stay in the woods as pests dwell in large numbers in such areas.

Size of Your Property: In case you have a large property with a number of private areas, it would make sense to get pest control every month. On the contrary, if you have a smaller space that can be closely monitored every day, a quarterly pest treatment can be a great idea.

Summary: Regular pest control treatment, undoubtedly, is essential in making sure that your home or workplace is pest-free. In general, if you have a clean house, there is still a chance that pests could infest it. This makes it crucial to schedule bi-monthly pest control treatments and keep your Sydney residence clean in general. In severe cases where the infestation is at a larger scale, weekly pest treatments should be considered.

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